Piquitechu Hard Enamel Pin
Piquitechu Hard Enamel Pin
Piquitechu Hard Enamel Pin
Piquitechu Hard Enamel Pin
Piquitechu Hard Enamel Pin
Piquitechu Hard Enamel Pin

Piquitechu Hard Enamel Pin

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APPROX. SIZE: 1.25" wide and 1.5" tall

ENAMEL: Hard enamel


CLASPS: 2 yellow PVC rubber clasps


Pikachu, or Piquitechu as his rugby friends call him, is part of the upper crust in the Pokemon world. Internationally renowned for his distinct coloring and superior lineage, there's no one more elite than the most iconic Pokemon in history! Pikachu isn't some basic Rattata. Pikachu is nothing but the best. Pikachu is Max Heal. Pikachu is Full Restore. Pikachu is Master Ball.

GRADE A QUALITY Grade A quality pins are the best quality offered at this time. They are near-perfect, but may have minor flaws (most only visible under certain lighting and angles). Due to the nature of pin production, pins may have minor cases of the following:


  • Light scratches/scuffing on metal or enamel
  • Dust, small bubbles, dots on metal or enamel
  • Slight underfill, overfill of enamel
  • Minor discolorations or unevenness in the metal


    In 2011 I designed a series of the Kanto starters (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle and Pikachu) dressed in fancy attire and named them "Gentlemon." I made them into small acrylic phone charms for an anime convention and they were an immediate success. A few months later, a photo of them went viral on Reddit and Tumblr and encouraged me to expand the line. Eevee and its evolutions (named "Teaveelutions") joined the family as well as a few of the top-requested Pokemon that got a fancy glow-up. They all had their moment as acrylic charms and eventually became a printed tee. I really wanted to make them into enamel pins for an elevated, glitzy moment, but I couldn't afford it back then.

    Now more than 8 years later, I'm bringing the original four back in their iconic poses and posh accessories! I wanted to make this set extra special when developing these products, so this line is HARD ENAMEL. Their surface is smooth to the touch with no recessions in the metal and are polished to a high-gloss metallic finish.

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