Art Block Hard Enamel Pin
Art Block Hard Enamel Pin
Art Block Hard Enamel Pin
Art Block Hard Enamel Pin
Art Block Hard Enamel Pin

Art Block Hard Enamel Pin

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APPROX. SIZE: 1.5" wide and 1.35" tall

ENAMEL: Hard enamel

FINISH: Rose gold

CLASPS: 2 sky blue PVC rubber clasps


Every artist knows this feeling all too well. You're there in front of a blank canvas with no idea what to do. You're full of motivation, but the fear of failure or complete lack of muse makes you give up before you even start. Coincidentally, when I made this pin for the set, I was at a point where I was running out of ideas. I was at the end of my wits with the dreaded art block. Then I whipped up this little guy with the same tragic expression as I do when I know I'm capable of doing great things, but have no idea what I should be doing at the current moment.


Grade A quality pins are the best quality offered at this time. They are near-perfect, but may have minor flaws (most only visible under certain lighting and angles). Due to the nature of pin production, pins may have minor cases of the following:

  • Light scratches/scuffing on metal or enamel
  • Dust, small bubbles, dots on metal or enamel
  • Slight underfill, overfill of enamel
  • Minor discolorations or unevenness in the metal


    Creative Clout is a pin collection to celebrate the joys (and frustrations) of being a digital illustrator and graphic designer. I love design humor and found joy in contributing to the design community on social media through comics and humor. The unexpected virality of my comic Designer Sins encouraged me to post more artwork on Instagram. Because design humor contributed to my side business in a pivotal way, I wanted to dedicate a collection of pins to it. The Creative Clout Collection launched on Kickstarter and all nine designs were successfully unlocked!

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