Pin Gachapon Event
Pin Gachapon Event
Pin Gachapon Event

Pin Gachapon Event

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Available starting September 3rd at 1PM PDT (10AM HST). Gachapon plays will be pulled on IG Story with the order # tagged.

A gachapon is a Japanese capsule machine where you typically insert coins or tokens to dispense a capsule. Test your luck and get a random pin design at a discounted price!

  • Watch the gachapon work
  • Guaranteed no duplicates
  • Limited quantities, while supplies last


Watch the gachapon work

Play once, twice, or three times! Your plays will be pulled on IG Live on Saturday, September 4th at 1PM PDT with your order number tagged. If you would like the pins to be a surprise in the mail, please let me know via email or DM.

Bonus plays

If you pull duplicate designs, you will win a FREE bonus play! 

Limited quantities, while supplies last

I have strict grading standards when it comes to pins. Naturally, this leaves me with pins that are less-than-perfect. B Grade pins have minor, but clearly visible flaws. Each pin is different and has its own unique flaws. Some designs are tougher to produce than others, which leaves me with very limited quantities of each design. These pins are not mounted on cards. Pins cannot be returned or exchanged.

"What is B Grade quality?"

B Grade quality pins are acceptable quality. They have minor flaws that may be clearly visible in critical areas. Due to the nature of pin production, pins may have cases of the following:

  • Medium to deep scratches/scuffing on metal or enamel
  • Dust, small bubbles, dots on metal or enamel
  • Slight underfill, overfill of enamel
  • Discolorations, tarnish, or unevenness in the metal 

  • APPROX. SIZE: Size ranges from 1" to 1.75"

    ENAMEL: Varied

    FINISH: Varied

    CLASPS: Varied

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