Twig Hard Enamel Pin
Twig Hard Enamel Pin
Twig Hard Enamel Pin
Twig Hard Enamel Pin
Twig Hard Enamel Pin
Twig Hard Enamel Pin

Twig Hard Enamel Pin

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APPROX. SIZE: 1" wide and 1.375" tall

ENAMEL: Hard enamel


CLASPS: 2 clear PVC rubber clasps


Oh look, it's the bean pole! A cute bean pole! Twig from the Sticks & Stones Collection is here. Twig is an original character and his pin is perfect for that friend who seems to be too tall for everything: clothes, doorways, the economy seats on an airplane, you name it. On the bright side, he's over 6 feet though.*

*Twig is not actually over 6 feet. He's a mere 1.375" tall.


Sticks & Stones centers around characters inspired by nicknames kids invent on the playground. The name-calling may sting a little, but you have to admit that they're wickedly creative. Here are some common names with a little wink of humor to reinvent them with positivity.


Grade A quality pins are the best quality offered at this time. They are near-perfect, but may have minor flaws (most only visible under certain lighting and angles). Due to the nature of pin production, pins may have minor cases of the following:

  • Light scratches/scuffing on metal or enamel
  • Dust, small bubbles, dots on metal or enamel
  • Slight underfill, overfill of enamel
  • Minor discolorations or unevenness in the metal

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