How to Assemble Clicky Keychains

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Clicky Keychains arrive unassembled so you can have fun building it and customizing the keychain to your liking!
  1. Connect keychain to housing.
  2. Locate notches inside keychain housing and orient the tabs on the keyboard switch so they match with the ridges.
  3. Firmly press switch into keychain housing and attach keycap. Keychains come with a Blue Gateron switch for a satisfyingly clicky experience. If you prefer something quieter, feel free to use any type of hotswap keyboard switch in its place.
  4. Push switch side to side to make sure it is snugly attached to housing. It should not pop off with decent pressure.
  5. Attach bonus charm to the jump ring for added flair! Bonus charm might have a protective film on it, so be sure to peel that off.
  6. Check to make sure all components are attached securely. The Clicky Keychain itself should feel sturdy and nothing should fall apart without special tools or significant force.
  7. To disassemble, use switch pullers (not included) to press tabs on the top and bottom of the switch and gently pull.

Batteries are not included with this product.

Battery installation (Optional)

Check to make sure an LED is installed. Switches may not have an LED installed. Before assembly, insert a CR1220 battery between the wires under the switch with the + terminal facing down. Insert both into keychain housing. 

WARNING: This is NOT a toy or meant for children. Clicky keychains contain small parts that may detach and be a choking hazard. The optional small battery (not included in this product) is also toxic when ingested. Keep out of reach of children. If you want your keychain to be super sturdy, consider a strong glue or epoxy to adhere the switch into the housing. We do not recommend gluing the keycap to the switch, however.