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Hey there! It's Geoffrey. I'm a designer based out of Honolulu, Hawaii. I love to do lettering, make comics, and do abstract paintings. I started selling my artwork back in high school at a local convention and loved it!

Over a decade later, I now have the money to fully support my passion projects and make the dream come true. I oversee my products from beginning to end: from brainstorming and sketching new ideas to developing packaging for the final product.

Thank you for supporting me, a little artist with a big dream! Everything I make in sales is used to fund bigger, funner projects.

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Please send commission inquiries and report art theft to the contacts below! Let's stop art theft together!



PO Box 61922

Honolulu, Hawaii 96839-1922



Aloha Card Shop (New!)
Razor Concepts (New!)
bigbadwolfkids.com (Discontinued)