Frequently Asked Questions

I receive many messages on a daily basis. Please consult this FAQs as they may help answer your questions.

Please see the shipping information page to see which countries I ship to.

We cannot give estimates on restocks as production times vary from product to product.

As a small business, we're not able to order large quantities of every single product. If you still see a listing, but it is marked as Sold Out, it will likely will be restocked soon. Please check the Restock Schedule in the Chat on the bottom right of the screen.

If you no longer see the listing, it is most likely discontinued and will not be restocked again.

For the latest announcements and restocks, please follow us on Instagram and join our email list at the bottom of this page.

Returns and Refunds

Please visit the Refund policy page for more information about returns.

If your order was not processed yet, please contact us or use the "Chat with us" function on bottom right corner of this page.

Orders cannot be canceled if they have already been processed.

We may cancel/ refund an order for a number of reasons. Common reasons include overselling or suspicious orders.

Popular items sell out fast and we may cancel/ refund if we find out that we oversold on a product. You will receive a refund for the oversold product value and the remainder of your order will be processed normally.

If we notice suspicious activity and orders that may be fraudulent, we may cancel and refund those orders.

Shopify typically holds funds when there is a potential order to be placed. If you did not successfully check out and receive an order confirmation email, the order most likely did not go through. In these cases, the funds will eventually be released and returned back to you after a few days.

If you're still concerned about your order status, please contact us.

Order Status

You will receive an email once your order is processed and shipped out. Please use the tracking number to stay updated about your package.

Orders using the Patches and Stickers - No Tracking (U.S. only) shipping method will not receive tracking.

Orders typically take 3-5 business days to be processed. Orders placed following a shop update may experience longer processing times due to the sheer volume of orders that tend to be placed all at once.

Please remember that we are a small business so order fulfillment can get backlogged at times.

No. We are not able to edit orders after they are placed.

We are unable to merge orders at this time. If your order(s) hasn't been processed yet, contact us immediately. We may be able to cancel your orders so you can check out again.

Product-Specific Questions

Stickers use a variety of adhesives that vary in quality and stickiness. Adhesives also age and become less sticky over time, regardless of whether or not you peel them off their paper.

So stickers described as "low-tack" or "removable as well as older stickers might have trouble sticking to the sticker book pages. It is impossible for us to guarantee that your personal stickers will stick, but all stickers in our shop will stick just fine.

No. Blind bags are pre-packed and fulfilled completely blind. We thoroughly mix every batch, but this means ordering multiple blind bags does run the risk of duplicates.

No returns or exchanges are allowed for blind bags, but you may utilize the marketplace on our Discord.

Yes! The keycaps included should fit on keyboards with switches that have + shaped stems.

We do not sell individual switches at this time, but they are widely available online.

We use Gateron Blue switches for all our Clicky Keychains. Please note switches from other retailers will not have LEDs installed.